Industrial and residential building construction, project management, engineering design for any type of investment, design specialties resistance - concrete structures, resistance - metal structures, billboards, metal structural details. Distribution and consulting SIKA products and MEA.


The design is the strong point of MeCAD. The perfect mix betwen experience, design and materials supplied for the project objectives lead to the complete satisfaction of the most demanding customer.

Experience measured in hundreds of buildings designed and uninterrupted activity since 2002 makes us unique in the local market, but also nationwide. When designing a building we do so:
- quality / price ratio to be unbeatable
- use materials that ensure maximum quality delivered by factories checked in time in terms of quality and reliability
- the customer is always in connection with the design team, so as to be the desired outcome; customer has access, real-time 3D model of the target, or even the entire investment
- field measurements make ourselves so 3D computer model will be identical situation in the field
- all specialties of the project are matched and verified so that the project be one unified and coherent
- no welding on site, not cut (unless that is specified in the project, but are rare)
- customer still be friends at the end of construction ☺.

We are among the few that are based on the design, which was completed with the delivery of materials for designed buildings. We take responsibility for both the project and what is delivered to the site, such a project beneficiary is definitely well done.

With a long collaboration with various factories, which delivers the elements for our construction, projects are made so that they comply with factories own procedures. That's mean, when we choose the type of structure and closings, the design is "wraps" to the procedures for execution of supplier factories, so execution errors are minimal (approaching zero, literally). This will not get when making separate production design (as happens in 90% of cases in Romania) !!!

MeCAD execute these types of projects / services:
- general design (project management, architecture, structure, panel design, electrical, plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, approvals and authorizations documentation etc)
- structure design
- panels design

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