Industrial and residential building construction, project management, engineering design for any type of investment, design specialties resistance - concrete structures, resistance - metal structures, billboards, metal structural details. Distribution and consulting SIKA products and MEA.

Steel structures

MECAD provides to the customers SOLUTIONS adapted to them.
We do not just build, but we do measurements - with an electronic total station Leica, we design according to the needs of the customer, deliver a kit of materials (steel structure, sandwich panels or corrugated sheets, mounting accessories, special equipment, etc.) that is 100% made in accordance with the project, we build with a specialized team with extensive experience in this field. Finally, the customer obtain the desired construction, which it needs in 100%, as it was at the time of design.

The customer is permanently consulted during the project, so that all his demands be reflected in the final solution. In addition, we put all our experience at his disposal, so at the end, the result will be exactly what he wanted, the technically and financially.

Based on a design department highly efficient, with an experience of over 13 years and hundreds of projects completed, we design any construction of any shape and size, or rehabilitation of existing buildings: extension, rebuilding roofs (stables, hay, halls ), rebuilding walls, making new walls - interior or exterior, etc.

The materials supplied are of the highest quality. Depending on requirements or the destination construction, the structure is made of hot dip galvanized profiles, europrofile, rolled normal, etc. For non galvanized profiles we ensure corrosion treatment of plant, depending on the degree of exposure of the structure.
All items are delivered to site fully machined (cut, treated anti-corrosion, holes) and are assembled with high-strength bolts. This avoids the use of welding on site, which would work in temperatures above 5 Celsiu and qualified personnel to achieve resistance welds.

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