Industrial and residential building construction, project management, engineering design for any type of investment, design specialties resistance - concrete structures, resistance - metal structures, billboards, metal structural details. Distribution and consulting SIKA products and MEA.

Technical consulting

Hundreds of projects experience we recommend as a reliable partner for those who want to make an investment. Whether it is a new investment, developing an existing business or just want an assessment of possible investments, our team is available to help.

Areas where we excel are:
1. Technical consultant for creation of new investments. Based on customer needs and realize a feasibility study, which informs you about the final costs and building permit stages, shape and space available. It contains plans of architecture, structure (basic version) and can reach up to detailing facilities and utilities.
2. Technical consultant for the expansion of a building (or a whole building) existing.
3. Technical consulting specialist for choosing the optimal solution for a building, depending on destination, land, requirements of state authorities, etc.
4. Study for a future construction site. We have topographical total station (Leica) and specialized programs that we can achieve virtual models of the future construction and realize different versions on the computer.

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