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Detailing for metal structures

MeCAD offers services for realization of detailing drawings for metal structures. Our experience and technical equipment we have recommended us as a reliable partner for such work. Depending on customer requirements, our services are:

1. Detailing services for factories / workshops producing metal structures.
Offer available to those who produce metal structures by drawings coming from various designers, more or less specialized in metal structures.

How this service help you? You do not need to invest in an internal department to carry out these plans (to translate plans coming from the designer in an "internal language" - drawings DWG / DXF and NC files for CNC machines). Such a relatively important means an investment department, not only in terms of money invested, but especially from the perspective of people to be trained. In addition, you benefit from our experience in developing such plans - have designed hundreds of buildings, totaling thousands of landmarks that were made by different factories. We are very flexible and we can adapt to any requirement!

Based on the plans provided by the original designer (in general are 2D plans) conducted modeling all elements and component parts. We keep coding elements to be delivered (eg ST-1 - column no 1, GR-3 - beam no 3, etc.) and if possible their component parts and (P-1, P-2, etc).
Finally are delivered factory / workshop AutoCAD (DWG or DXF) files for programming CNC machines (NC's), but also a material list, accurate and complete (type items the board can choose the option that materials be "no cuts"). Additionally it can provide a surface for painting.

Additionally, if desired, can be achieved and assembly plans. In this way it is done and a compliance check all items manufactured with final construction. When we assembling structure, we can identify problems (dimensional or assembly) and we can correct it from the preliminary stage production!
It follows that no money will be lost with additional materials or wasted time on site to remedy them.

2. Verification services of a project for a steel structure
The offer addresses both general contractors and final beneficiaries who wish to verify that they own the project is complete and meets their requirements.
Based on the plans or data received from the beneficiary, MeCAD creates a 3D model with all elements of the project. Upon completion of the model can make a comparative analysis with the initial project and the beneficiary's requirements.
Why pay such a service?
a) Since there are very few designers specialized in metal structures. There are fewer that have tools (programs) for 3D modeling and who knows how to use them.
b) An error undetected in time may result in loss of materials, time and money far outweigh the price of such checks.
c) If the project is with European Funds, you can not ask for additional materials and money. Beneficiary bear all additional costs!

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